If you have considered starting supplements as a means of getting healthy, have you ever considered pharmaceutical grade supplements? Do you know what the difference between over-the-counter supplements and pharmaceutical grade supplements is? Many people take supplements. And in an effort to get all the nutrients they need, many people purchase supplements over-the-counter. But did you know, not all over-the-counter supplements are created to be as potent as prescribed supplements? This means they may not be as beneficial as pharmaceutical formulated supplements.

Men and women have different nutritional needs. Vitamins that women should take, don’t necessarily fit the needs of what a man should take. Or perhaps the amount a woman needs is different than what a man needs.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements for women

Some hold some of the best vitamins for women.We summed up a few for you:

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is a vitamin necessary for healthy vision, as well as for healthy skin. Non-pregnant or lactating women should be getting 700 micrograms of Vitamin A daily. Pregnant women 19 years and older should get 770 micrograms a day. And women who are lactating, should get 1300 micrograms a day.

Vitamin D- Most everyone has heard that Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones. Did you know that it is also necessary to help your immune system stay healthy and function at its optimum? Women aged 1 to 70, should get 600 IU’s per day. At the age of 70, the RDA recommends 800 IU’s of Vitamin D, per day.

Vitamin B – Vitamin B helps to boost your metabolism. If you are trying to shed a little extra weight, be sure to get your Vitamin B. The amount of Vitamin B necessary is different at different stages of a woman’s life. For Adult women, 2.4 micrograms is necessary, daily. During pregnancy, 2.6 micrograms is needed and lactating women need a bit more, of 2.8 micrograms.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E plays a critical role in the development of your muscles and in brain function. Currently, the recommendation for women is to get 15mg, or 22.5 IU’s of Vitamin E, every day. Women who are breastfeeding should take 19mg, or 28.5 IU’s every day.

Vitamin C – Most everyone knows Vitamin C helps to build and sustain your immune system. During cold and flu season, it is even more important. The recommendations are: for adult women, 75 milligrams daily. Smokers should take an extra 35 mg per day to counteract the added oxidative stress smoking has on your body’s cells. The maximum amount of Vitamin C you should get daily, is 2 grams, or 2,000 mg.

More excellent vitamins for women

Fish oil – Fish oil has many benefits. Some of the most recognized roles that fish oil plays are: breast cancer prevention, relief from menstrual cramps, birthing healthy babies, your baby’s brain development, prevention of pre-eclampsia, decrease in risk of post-partum depression, less chance of osteoporosis, less menopause problems, as well as helps to prevent heart disease.

Omega 3 – Omega 3 is a nutrient supplement that has been in the news a lot over the recent years. Omega 3 helps many of your systems function at their best. You can count on Omega 3 to help lower elevated triglyceride levels, which helps to lower the risk of heart disease. It also can lessen joint stiffness and pain associated with arthritis, as well as boosts the effectiveness of anti-inflammatories. If you are a vegetarian, you can find vegetarian Omega 3 supplements, as well as pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Are you looking for a fat burner? CLA fat burner that naturally occurs in meat and dairy products. It can help you burn fat and maintain weight loss. It can also help to retain any muscle mass, as well as control Type 2 diabetes that is often associated with weight gain, or obesity.

No matter what supplement you need or want to take, you can get pharmaceutical grade supplements. These are higher potency supplements.

An increasing number of dieters who use nutritional supplements like a CLA fat burner have found that they are getting some pretty amazing results on a continuous basis. CLA also known as conjugated linoleic acid, used with exercise and a regimented diet has been shown to reduce the fat in the body. Other benefits of CLA is it helps to increase exercise endurance and improve overall muscle strength. While many dieters have seen impressive results, it is time to let science decide what are the real benefits to using CLA. 

What is the CLA Fat Loss Supplement?

Conjugated linoleic acid is closely related to omega 6 acids. This acid is essential in helping your body to boost the immune system, lower your cholesterol levels, and increase metabolic rates. It is naturally found in eggs, whole milk, lamb, and beef. The CLA can not be produced in the human body on its own, so it much be taken as a supplement.

Simply drinking several glasses of milk each day will not give you the required amount of CLA that the body needs to begin working on fat cells. Many changes that have been implemented in the feeding habits of livestock have changed how much CLA naturally occurs in our diet. Studies conducted by a research center in Madison Wisconsin concluded that cows who fed on pastures had a 500% higher rate of CLA in the milk as compared to cows who were fed silage or hay. That means when you drink milk today you can not possibly get enough of the valuable CLA fat burner benefits. This is why taking a supplement is so important if you want to burn fat more steadily and efficiently.

How Does CLA Burn Fat?

The way that CLA works to burn fat is it increases metabolic rates. When your metabolic rates are raised, you burn more more efficiently and turn it into usable energy faster. It does not aid the body in reducing weight, it simply helps reduce fat cells in the body by converting them to muscle. When you increase the fat to muscle ratio, you will not gain any weight, you simply transform that excess fat to muscle. This is why so many people experience a more slender waist but more well defined muscles in the legs and arms. 

benefits of the CLA Fat Burner supplementWhat are the differences than in CLA vs GLA fat burning supplements? They both for one thing have different levels of CLA and oils that make up their unique ingredients. The GLA supplement raises the metabolism by making your brown fat burn calories. The end result is you feel full and eat less food. It can also help to keep your skin moisturized and tone. The CLA works on the fat between the muscles, or visceral fat. The end result is the CLA keeps the fat cells from getting bigger, a huge benefit for anyone with belly fat.

In many CLA fat burner reviews, the best results were often achieved by taking the supplements before or during meals. If taking in conjunction with an improved diet regimen and a steady exercise routine, you could expect to see a transformation in the shape of your body. Belly fat and flabby arms and legs transform into tighter ab muscles and toner legs and arms. While the overall body weight might only decrease slightly, the increase in muscle mass is a welcome sight to many who enjoy taking supplements to help sculpt their bodies. 

Additional CLA Fat Burner Benefits

When using a CLA fat burner, many people actually benefit from a psychological boost in addition to the body changing. Studies have revealed that people taking CLA supplements actually felt better mentally and physically after only a short period of time. Feeling better helped those patients to stick to their diet and exercise routines, which resulted in them having better overall results.

One other benefit of the CLA supplement is that is can help you to curb your appetite when you are having difficulties with sleep. When you are up late at night you experience those late night cravings that can easily derail any weight loss diet. Your bodies levels of leptin are raised when you do not get enough sleep, resulting in you craving more foods in the middle of the night. The CLA supplements can actually lower your level of leptin in the body, helping yo to crave less food and stay on track with your exercise and diet routines. Studies have gone on to show that patients who took CLA for two years experienced a drop in those leptin levels of up to 35%.

The omega 3 fish supplement Omega 3 XL has the two omega 3 fatty acids that promote health found in nearly all fish oil products. In addition, there are 28 other known healthy fatty acids. It is a unique fish oil complex.

When placing a supplement in your body, it is important to know its source of origin. Omega XL is found only in the waters of New Zealand. That is thought to be the cleanest water on the planet. Green Lipped Mussels, found there, are nurtured and harvested to produce Omega XL. 

Omega 3 XL does not have the side effects that some prescription medications do. Served in a small gel capsule that is easy to swallow, there is no ‘fishy’ taste that often accompanies large fish oil capsules. There are no PBCs or harmful toxin levels. It is 100 percent safe and all natural. The information that comes with Omega XL states that it is 175 times more potent than omega 3 salmon oil

Omega XL is known for its ability to reduce joint pain. It contains anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation caused respiratory problems are relieved. It is responsible for improving heart health. Skin health is improved and there is an increase in blood circulation. Omega 3 fatty acids are needed for growth and cardiovascular health. It must come from diets or supplements because the body cannot produce it. The American Heart Association has recommended at least two servings of fatty fish per week. The best fish oil supplements are taken by many people instead.

A new breed of supplements derived form fish oil is the GLA supplement. It is an omega 6 fatty acid. GLA is one of three supplements recommended by Dr. Oz as a fat busting agent. Gamma linolenic acid causes fat cells to release excess fat. It also prevents fat cells from absorbing and storing fat that causes bloating.

Alternative Supplements To Omega 3 XL

Clinical research is suggesting that GLA can also be beneficial for a fairly long list of other maladies. They include diabetes neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, ADHD, breast cancer, eczema, high blood pressure, mastalgia, osteoporosis, PMS and menopausal symptoms. GLA does have some potential side effects. Consulting a health care provider is recommended.

Another omega 6 fatty acid is the CLA fat burner. It also prevents dietary fat from being absorbed into fat cells. Lean muscle tissue activity is increased. GLA works to suppress the appetite, causing production of brown fat. Brown fat burns white fat. CLA burns fat between the muscles. Belly fat is one of the targeted areas. The increase in muscle activity burns fat as well. 

The best omega 3 supplement brand should be chosen not only for purity and freshness, but also for the expected health benefit. The function of every part of the body can receive benefits from omega 3 fatty acids.

Everybody is entitled to a healthy and fit body. Unfortunately, achieving that goal doesn’t come easy for everybody. Some people can achieve their goal weight solely through diet and exercise, but for those who can’t there is still a chance. This article will give you more in dept information on the Benetol weight loss programs.

If your weight is a hurdle in achieving the life you know you were meant to have, Benetol can help you meet your goals and transform your body. This system is unlike any of the other programs you have heard about. Benetol is a unique weight loss supplement which naturally reduces your body’s hunger and cravings. If you are searching for a Gla supplement and Cla fat burner, Benetol is an important option to consider. 

Many people have early success in diets, but after a short time their hunger and cravings catch up with them. A sudden attack craving for unhealthy foods can sabotage your progress and have you right back at square one with your diet. For the average dieter, the sense of being deprived of your favorite foods can lead to a tailspin of binge eating in the long run.

Often times, dieters end up heavier at the end of their diet than they were at the start of it. Benetol eliminates that risk by naturally suppressing your appetite and reducing hunger attacks which can cause you to eat things you will regret. The Benetol weight loss supplement changes the way your body views food.

How does Benetol do it? The list of natural ingredients that are inside a supplement all work together with your body to naturally decrease hunger. The ingredients of citrus aurantium and caffeine are both known natural hunger suppressants. Additional ingredients like banana leaves encourage your body’s metabolism of carbohydrates, which in turn stabilizes your blood sugar levels.

Benetol is a GLA supplement (gamma-linolenic acid) which is known to be effective in combating diabetes. This is important since blood sugar plays a key role in regulating weight. It is therefore getting more common to use Gla for weight loss these days.

Considering Benetol Weight Loss Supplements

Benetol Weight Loss supplementAre you ready to stop feeling hungry and miserable? Do you need a solution that goes beyond just willpower and restriction? What if I told you that you could end your cravings naturally and see a dramatic change in your body as a result? It can happen with Benetol.

The presence of cinnamon and chicory roots in Benetol are able to trick your body into being satisfied of cravings for sweet and sugary foods. Never be a slave to ice cream and candy again.

If you just can’t keep off those extra pounds no matter what sort of diet and fitness regiment you try, it might be a good time to explore Benetol weight loss supplements.

With such a large amount of weight loss supplements and products on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best option to burn fat. Although it can be overwhelming to find fat burning supplements for men, there are two types of supplements that can aid in fat burning and weight loss. GLA supplements and CLA fat burners are both omega-6 fatty acids that are effective at burning fat. Although these two supplements accomplish the same goal, they each work in very different ways.

GLA, or gamma linolenic acid, works to raise your metabolism by using brown fat, or adipose tissue, for energy and bodily warmth. Brown fat is not typically as active in those who are overweight, which is why GLA works so well. GLA will activate the brown fat, causing white fat accumulations to burn off beneath the skin. GLA also works as an appetite suppressant due to the fact that it raises serotonin levels, which will allow you to feel full while eating less. This supplement also is an anti-inflammatory and diuretic, which will help skin to remain moisturized and elastic during weight loss.

By contrast, CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is used for burning visceral fat, or the fat that is located in between muscles. CLA is also good at burning fat around the midsection, as well as increasing the body’s ability to gain lean muscles. CLA works by inhibiting lipoprotein lipase, which is an enzyme that is involved with the storage of fat. This keeps fat cells from expanding, while also reducing appetite. CLA also works to lower leptin levels, with will increase sleep quality. Some people think this is the most effective fat burner out there. But it is always best to do some more research before acting to quickly.

Fat Burning Supplements for Men – Which One To Choose?

Fat Burning Supplements for MenThese omega-6 fat burners are both excellent fat burning supplements for men that offer many additional benefits. Many men today acquire excessive midsection fat as they age due to stress. GLA and CLA will effectively to able to burn this fat for optimum health. These supplements can each safely be taken singularly or in combination with each other for optimum fat burning and weight loss maintenance. 1000mg of these supplements taken before each meal will yield the most optimal and effective results. If you want to learn more about Cla vs Gla then make sure to check out that page which goes even more in debt the different supplements. We’re confident you will find the best fat burning supplement for you.