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Gamma-linoleic acid or GLA is one of the most popular supplements of today. For that reason there are many¬†GLA benefits. Aging and other health factors can reduce the amount of GLA in the body’s systems. GLA, found in plant-based oils such as evening primrose and borage oil, help to maintain healthy levels of the much needed fatty acid for proper body function. A number of areas of one’s health can benefit from taking a GLA supplement daily.

Advocates for the use of GLA supplements and the GLA vitamin believe that a wide range of maladies may be helped from their use. People with breast cancer or colon polyps may find relief from daily usage. High cholesterol may be lowered and the effects of chronic fatigue may be lessened when GLA is used on a regular basis. Studies of GLA’s affect on heart disease and attention deficit disorder are also being done.

There are several areas where the use of GLA has been documented with varying degrees of success. Many women who suffer PMS symptoms monthly have experienced less irritability, breast pain and tenderness and bloating after taking GLA. It has also been noted that hot flashes seem to lessen after taking the supplement.

Other interesting benefits include those found in the areas of weight and the skin. It is said that GLA not only helps one to lose weight but to also keep the weight from coming back. GLA helps fat to metabolize faster. With aging or exposure to the sun the skin becomes dry and less smooth. The elasticity of aged skin lessens and sagging occurs. GLA benefits the skin by aiding in cell repair and giving the skin the ability to retain more moisture. This in turns produces skin that is smoother and skin that shows fewer wrinkles.

GLA BenefitsOne of the best known benefits is its ability to reduce inflammation. People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis have availed themselves to the properties of GLA to help reduce joint pain and stiffness. It should be noted that it takes one to three months for any lessening of symptoms to occur. Others who suffer with eczema or psoriasis have also experienced a noticeable difference after using GLA supplements.

There are presently laboratory tests being done that hope to show how GLA benefits will include the slowing down of the growth of cancer cells. There are other lab tests being done that hope to prove that GLA will be beneficial in reducing high blood pressure and the pain that is brought about by fibrocystic breast syndrome. Others tests hope to show how diabetics with nerve damage may be helped by taking the supplement.

GLA Benefits For The Future

GLA holds great promise for many diseases that plague mankind. It should be noted that some who have taken the supplement do experience a few side effects. GLA side effects include headache and diarrhea. The GLA supplement holds potential to make tomorrow better. Whether it is weight loss you desire or less irritability and pain, GLA may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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