Everyone wants to have excellent health but at times our health is less than excellent. We would like to be able to face each day with less pain and discomfort. Sometimes these pains are due to aging while others are due to disease or cyclic problems. The market is full of supplements to help us with these discomforts. One such supplement is Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). The GLA supplement is reputed to help with inflammatory problems and a myriad of others. Native Americans found the herb very beneficial and it was eventually introduced to Europe where it was once known as the King’s Cure All and later introduced into the American culture. It aids our bodies as an Omega-6 fatty acid. It is supplied to the body through the oils found in the oils of the vegetables we eat. 

This supplement is made from the oils of various plants or a combination of several plants. Evening primrose oil is a the primary oil used. Borrage seed oil or black currant seed oil are two more popular oils used in the making of the supplement. Safflower oil as well as hemp seeds and spirulina are used. Spirulina is the same as blue green algae. Each of these oils produce specific effects in the body.

It has been said that it can aid in brain function, in the growth of skin and nail cells, in the maintaining of sound bones, in helping metabolisms and the reproductive system to function properly. It has a broad spectrum of uses helping the systems of the body to work more effectively.

The body does not have the ability to produce GLA. GLA is gleaned from vegetables eaten. When a person does not eat enough vegetables their body may suffer a deficiency that can create problems. At other times disease or other maladies may cause the need for extra amounts of GLA. This is when a GLA supplement is recommended. This supplement or GLA vitamin will then work in co-ordination with other vital vitamins and minerals in your body to fight inflammation. Sufficient amounts of magnesium, zinc and certain B-vitamins as well as vitamin C can aid in the efficiency of GLA.

There are many problems or diseases that GLA might help. Some of GLA benefits include helping control nerve pain that many diabetics experience. Those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis may feel less pain, swelling and stiffness after taking it. Women may feel less breast tenderness and irritability during their menstrual cycles by taking the supplement. It has been stated that by taking the supplement persons with ADHD have found a measure of relief as well as persons with eczema and breast cancer. In some documented cases in persons over 65 who use the supplement to aid with osteoporosis found some bone density improvement after a period of treatment. The breaking of nails and hair has been improved in some after a six to eight week usage. The applications are many but their ability to help depends on each individual’s situation. It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before trying any new supplement.

The GLA Supplement Dosage

As with all medicines and supplements there are precautions and side effects to be aware of if you choose to take a GLA supplement. GLA side effects include some incidents of headaches, stomach pains and tiredness. It is advisable to not take more than 3000mg per day and to not take it if you are expecting a baby or breast feeding a baby. Another important item to note is that it is not advisable to try the supplement if you take blood thinners or aspirin or if you have had seizures.

Evening primrose oil is the most used and the most investigated oil used in GLA. The supplement is sold in capsule form and is usually certified by a third party to be sure it is of the highest quality. It comes in packages that are resistant to light and it is usually refrigerated. The package should have an expiration date to assure the best quality possible. GLA is known to help many in different ways. Perhaps it can help you to live each day with less pain and discomfort.

Combination Of Gla Supplements

super gla supplement 300mg

Super Gla Supplement 300mg

Many people complain about taking too many supplements, whether prescribed or not, that have conflicting effectiveness. In fact, all those supplements advertised on TV as one-a-day multivitamins are a hog-wash; they offer little to no protection. They lack many of the newly founded antioxidants in better formulations sold in health and drug food stores. A better combination of supplements gives you a good healing amount of vitamins, magnesium and other minerals that the body needs as supportive nutrients. Unfortunately, all combination of supplements are not absorbable inside the body. This is because some products may contain similar basic ingredients but vary widely overall, causing adverse effect when they react with one another.

What is GLA?

That is good and all, but what is GLA more specifically? GLA is a new breed of supplement in the market that has proven to be very effective when combined with other supplements in general. Just like the omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil, GLA supplement came along in recent years as an alternative for flaxseed oil after realizing that flaxseed had a short shelf life and was more prone to rancidity. The original study in this field inspired more than a dozen investigations of GLA on health and metabolism, resulting in continuous benefits to the entire body system.

How Mega GLA Counteracts Inflammation

Based on personal validation from the company’s clinical experimentation and medical research, GLA should be part of all skin care regimen. This supplement obtained directly from the bottle in the pill form, decreases the risk of developing skin rashes. GLA supplements help control certain hormone produced during puberty and aging by the body cells. These chemicals have a regulatory influence on immune responses, skin texture and much more. By taking the pills, you exert a good deal of control over these chemicals. Food such as refined and processed carbohydrates and trans-fat trigger the production of these harmful hormones and promote inflammation. Adequate amount of mega GLA counteracts inflammation, benefiting just about every part of the skin.

the mega GLA supplement

The Mega Gla Supplement

The GLA Weight Loss Supplement

GLA weight loss supplement is preventive, and most of all, therapeutic for bone density correction. Arthritis patients on this supplement are more likely to maintain good amount of bone mass, the deficiency of which contributes to a range of symptoms. People who take GLA leave the hospital sooner following major surgery and are at reduced risk for joint fractures.

Generally, these supplements are well-tolerated by most people, although some people burp up the GLA. If this is a problem, so make sure you take the supplements with food or with digestive enzymes.

That said, there are other supplements like CLA that burn fat too. There is a substantial debate going on which supplement to choose. You can read more on this here.

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